Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Whilst I was away

This weekend I took a trip to my parents.

My dad is very amusing when it comes to him trying to use any sort of technology. He recently bought himself a laptop, which he has no idea how to use, so my sister and I spent a good 8 hours just in the car, not counting the time I spent trying to write step-by-step instructions on how to do *everything* with his laptop. The funny thing is, he probably will have one of my brothers *do* everything for him, so when he ends up on the road he won't know how to use it anyway. hah, I love my Dad, and it was pretty cool to have the extra time to catch up with my sister. I hope she didn't go too crazy spending sooo much time around me!

My brother James is indeed now taller than me. Don't worry, I beat him around enough to make sure he remembers his place in the pecking order. Joshua is actually getting pretty close himself. It is really sad, I figured since I was taller than both of my parents, I would end up staying the tallest. As luck would have it, both of my younger brothers will probably end up passing me. I guess I really _should_ have eaten all of the brussel sprouts, liver, lima beans, squash, broccoli and calliflower and such that I avoided as a child. Oh well, as long as I can still beat both of them up, it's all good.

The wife has her Spring Break from teaching, so she is down south visiting some of her friends and family. After my first day back at the appt alone, the next three days are looking very sad and lonely for me. Ah, when you are in love, being apart is oh-so-not-fun.

Today I took my bike out for a spin. I put a few miles on it thismorning as a very nice break from work. I really mourn the past when I actually was any good at biking, but for now I am content to ride along the silly paved path through a well maintained and somewhat treed area that the city folks here fondly like to call a "forest preserve". I call it a well maintained, somewhat treed area with a paved little path running through it. Forest, my ass.

Actually, I am breaking from work right now to write this. Yes, I am still working. My boss decided to send me home to work on a project. This was supposed to free me of distractions for the remainder of March to finish said project. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line the concept of "free of distractions" was lost. So leave it to say I have many sleepless nights ahead of me as I try to cram this project that could probably use another 2 weeks of work into the next 3 days. Wheeeee! Deadlines are fun.

So yep, I am basically slaving away at work, with the very rare exposure to sunlight today that almost blinded me. Fresh air and sunlight I have decided are VERY over-rated, and in general very unpleasant to deal with.

I want my Underworld soundtrack. I ordered it and the tracking thingy at Best Buy said it was shipped, but guess what, I DONT HAVE IT AND I WANT IT. Anywhoo, its really good from what I can tell from the crappy previews they give on the website, and I have found that techno-industrial actually is a better background for a work-minded environment than even classical. My Moby and Crystal Method are definitely getting their milage in addition to Mozart and Bach. No, I am not becoming a little pansy clubbing poser. I leave that to the youngins. But in moderation (both time and volume), there are some decent indy-tech cuts out there.

Well, time to get back to hacking out code. I have some sexy COM+ database objects that need a bit of a makeover before I share them with the world.

As always, I love you my dearest of friends and blog readers. Remember, a little insanity makes life alot easier.