Sunday, September 26, 2010

CyanogenMod 6 for the Hero

For fellow Hero modders like myself, you probably already know that Sprint and HTC announced that they would not be pursuing an official, Sense-ified version of Froyo for the Hero. So I have been running CyanogenMod on my Hero for several weeks now, and I must say it has been a very satisfying experience.

The basic facts:

CyanogenMod is based on the AOSP (Android Open Source Project)
CM6 is a stable build of Android 2.2 (Froyo)

My configuration preferences:
JIT enabled
SetCPU overclock capped at 614Mhz (roughly 16% OC)
Froyo native apps2sd support enabled, moved non-essential apps only

I have been running CM6 for a while now, and while I managed to find a respectable config for SetCPU to overclock the Hero processor, my battery life was unpredictable, and unfortunately I could burn through a freshly charged battery in as little as 6 hours, even though I kept my cap at 614Mhz and used profiles that should have scaled down based on battery charge.

Tonight I am switching away from SetCPU to the Collin_ph battery tweak to see if I can solve some of the battery issues I have been experiencing. If anyone else has some recommendations for customizing the collin_ph settings, so far I am sticking with my original cap of 614Mhz, both for stability and for battery life, but if there are any other setups that are considered "stable" I am open to suggestions.

Other observations:
- One of the first things I missed was the agenda view from the HTC Sense calendar widget. I did find that CalWidget was a sufficient functional substitution, albeit ugly as dirt. 
- I also am running FancyWidget to replace the beautiful clock/weather widget that is the signature of the HTC Sense UI improvements.
- The stock Android camera/camcorder UI is uglier than Janet Reno. (Does anyone have a recommended alternative?)
- Google Voice integrates nicely to replace the HTC Sense visual voicemail, and the Froyo-only GMail is also rather slick.
- JIT on Froyo actually works. (I realize that others may be successful at enabling JIT in an Android 2.1 rom, and actually got a performance boost out of it as expected, but in my experience it was a waste of my time even trying.)

When Flipz releases a Fresh ROM update based on the latest Sprint update I may nandroid my current setup and switch back for a bit, just to see what Sprint has come back with to fix the dialer issues, but for now I am very happily enjoying Froyo on the Hero, and recommend it for anyone with a little time and the willingness to tinker.

Thankyou's go out to:
Cyanogen and team, for bringing us the awesomeness that is CyanogenMod
darchstar, for porting CM6 for the Hero CMDA
XDA Developers, from which I have learned nearly everything I know about modding
Jesus Christ, for saving my soul from sin and death, and freeing me from the fear of voiding the warranty on my Hero