Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The free trade economy of music

Jason Silverman of interviews Michael Nesmith with the opener, "You remember Michael Nesmith. He's the Monkee in the wool cap."

You'd think this would be a psychedelic trip down the road of TV fame to tragedy and the slow road of rehabilitation and recovery that so many other pop stars experienced, but Nesmith's life has been anything but stereotypical.

Nesmith invented music videos. He was the brain power that started MTV. Have your attention now?

Now he's back to writing new music, and is releasing an album soon that he plans to push to the public through filesharing services first, rather than second to the big recording industry avenues.

Silverman asks Nesmith a series of enlightening questions about the history of the music industry, and where trends such as the file sharing revolution is taking the market for music, both for the music industry and for consumers.

I was particularly impressed with the insight Nesmith offers in his prediction of the forced retirement of the recording industry as-is, "Well, its all to the good, I think... It's a new personal freedom, new individualism." He continues, "Has anybody ever put together a word that means producer and consumer at the same time? That's what's going to happen. We'll be both. We'll have the means of production and consumption under our own control. I can't imagine that being anything but good."

Read the interview in it's entirety here.

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