Monday, April 23, 2012

Android ICS on the EVO 4G

First, a disclaimer: This post is probably only relevant to EVO 4G users who enjoy custom ROMs, or ROM developers who are following their user's experiences.

So my contract on my EVO 4G isn't up until November April. And neither Sprint nor HTC are planning to release an official update to the next major version of the Android OS (version 4, AKA Ice Cream Sandwich). So if I am going to experience ICS at all in the foreseeable future, I am stuck rooting my phone and trying one of the hacked ports of ICS.

Now I've seen the list of ICS ports on the XDA forums, but I will admit I am hesitant to try many of the builds unless I have a lot of prior experience with the developers, and/or they have a reputation for putting together solid ROMs.

I have given the Android Open Kang Project a try (build 30) but experienced random lockups, reboots and a generally non-functioning camera.

Now, I realize that the camera issue is still a widespread problem for the EVO, because there isn't a solid ICS driver for the camera hardware yet (But come on, HTC, how difficult could it be to "leak" the drivers to the open source community? You would be doing yourself a favor).

So I will be running CyanogenMod 7.2 (whatever seems to be the latest stable RC/nightly) until either CM9 RC1 is released for the EVO 4G, or someone points me in the direction of a stable ICS port.


  1. give Gummyworms rom beta 2 a shot, I use it as a daily driver. has working camera, and sometimes camcorder, no 4g and very few reboots. it seems to be the best Ics rom I've tried, and I have been running Ics since December when it came to the nexus

  2. I am so pissed at both HTC AND Sprint for screwing me over again. Once again, I have a phone with an outdated OS, a browser that can't handle web pages, and no support for new applications. Why ignore my phone? Why give an update to the lower-end phone but not for MINE???

    I rooted my phone to get rid of the crapware Sprint forced on to my phone in the first place. I spent the time to figure out how to do that.

    However, after spending a very good amount of time, along with an unnecessary amount of frustration, I only get the conclusion that there is no way I am allowed to have ICS on my EVO 4G.
    More specifically, I am not allowed to have a fully-functioning, updated OS that I could install without jumping through hoops and allows me to use the phone as an "official" update would.